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Results of the RA Board Elections 2019

Dear Colleagues

By the closing date of 1st February 2019, we had received 6 (six) nominations for the 3 (three) Board positions available this year via the normal standard rotation process.

In accordance with Schedule 2 of the RA Constitution, we now advise that the votes cast for each candidate were as follows:

Ian Campbell * (Bedfordshire) - 2529 Votes
Lee Markwick * (Direct Member) - 2258 Votes
George Lowe (Direct Member) - 1634 Votes
Phil Reade * (Wolverhampton) - 1407 Votes
Jack Noble (Shrewsbury) - 899 Votes
Russell Lagden (Sheffield) - 421 Votes
(* indicates existing Board Member standing for re-election)

There have however been two separate significant developments since the full list of candidates was originally circulated back in early February 2019, involving (a) George Lowe and (b) John Key:

(a) George Lowe (a first-time Board candidate this year) has just been appointed to a full-time RDO role within a County FA, a consequence of which has regrettably entailed his very late withdrawal from the 2019 RA Board election process. We congratulate him on his appointment, and are grateful that he will nevertheless be able to continue his outstanding work for us at least until the RA Development Weekend being held in early July 2019. The Association sincerely thanks George for all the new initiatives he has undertaken and completed on our behalf in recent months, and acknowledges the great work he has done for both the RA and the RA-FA Youth Council over several years;

(b) John Key (an existing Board Member but who was not up for re-election this year) has announced that he will be standing down from the Board at the 2019 AGM in July, as he has now retired from his current school position and will be moving to a smallholding in North East Scotland. The RA is very grateful indeed for all of John’s enthusiastic efforts and support since he was first elected to the Board in 2015. He subsequently took over full responsibility for QUEST, which has seen very significant growth and increasing relevance under his robust and visionary leadership. The whole Board will missJohn’s wisdom and friendship, and we wish him and his family well in their new adventure.

In line with the RA Constitution therefore:
  • (a) The inclusion of George Lowe in the above Results table is to be disregarded, and the 3rd available Board place in 2019 will be allocated to the candidate in 4th position;

  • (b) John Key’s position on the Board will be allocated to the person in 5th position, who will be invited to join the Board as a Co-opted Member for the remainder of John’s original term, i.e. until 2021.

Hence the final outcome of the 2019 RA Board Elections shows:
  • Elected to serve a 3-year term (until AGM 2022) = Ian Campbell / Lee Markwick / Phil Reade;
  • Co-opted to serve a 2-year term (until AGM 2021) = Jack Noble.

All these terms of office commence immediately after this year’s AGM being held on 6th July 2019 at Milton Keynes, thereby giving the Board its full complement of 9 (nine) Members for 2019-2020.

We look forward to working with all Nominees and other colleagues for the future benefit of the RA and all its Members.

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