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Huddersfield Rugby League Referees Society said it no longer felt that "league discipline will safeguard" its under-18 officials.
Junior ref Dylan, 14, said he was sworn at by a parent during a children's game last month, leaving him "upset".
Yorkshire Junior and Youth League said it was working "to improve discipline".
However, referee societies in West Yorkshire say officials, many who are children themselves, are giving up the sport because of abuse.
Huddersfield Rugby League Referees Society said it had tried working with the league to keep rugby enjoyable for everyone but "no progress has been made".

Meanwhile, Jayden Covell-Wood, from Dewsbury and Batley Referee Society, said: "We don't feel safe sending our younger referees to a game when it's happening more regularly.
"It's getting too much. We're losing referees because of it. Some last two or three games before they're abused and it's just not good enough."
Jayden Covell-Wood, right, looks after junior referees as well as officiating games himself IMAGE SOURCE, PAUL BUTTERFIELD
Mr Covell-Wood, who is a rugby league referee himself, said the abuse had come from parents and coaches during under-10 games.
"I'm absolutely appalled at times. I just don't know what goes through an adult's head to even speak to a child that way," he said.
Junior referee Dylan took part in an officials' course earlier this year, but despite only being involved in a handful of games he has already been subjected to abuse.
"The coaches and parents like to moan at every single call you give," he said. "Sometimes I'll get abuse and I'll just want to end the game right there and go home."
His father Kevin said he noticed the abuse was getting worse, with his son being shouted and sworn at by a parent during a recent game.
He said: "There's a lot of under-18 refs who are only lasting a few matches.
Dylan, right, started refereeing earlier this year after taking part in a course IMAGE SOURCE, KEVIN KINDELAN
"If they're facing this sort of abuse in the first few games, it's not good for the sport. Without the referees you don't have a game."
He said some parents felt because the young referees were paid they were open to be shouted at.
"You think 'why am I bothering to give my time up?' What makes a grown man or woman think they can verbally abuse a minor?"
Yorkshire Junior and Youth League said it was working with the Rugby Football League and clubs to improve discipline across the country.
It acknowledged behaviour on the touchline "is not where it needs to be" and there was "more work to be done".
"In 2021 we have introduced a number of additional measures, including suspension of fixtures and more education for coaches," a spokesperson said.
Harsher sentences for clubs who abuse referees, including being kicked out of competitions, were options open to the league, it added.

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