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In an organisation the size of The Referees’ Association, regrettably some members do fall on hard times due to sickness and for various other reasons beyond their control. The Association maintains a Benevolent Fund to provide financial support for members of The Referees’ Association and their dependants in NEED.

The fund relies upon donations from Members, LRAs, CRAs, FAs, Clubs, leagues and competitions; any donation is most welcome to assist our colleagues.

The fund is operated as a charitable trust in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Charities Commission, and is administered by Trustees, appointed by the Board.

All applications MUST be on the appropriate form which is available from the Clerk to the Trustees. A form is also available from Head Office and on the RA website.

It is essential that the form is accurately and comprehensively completed. This may entail some personal and private information from the claimant; all information is treated in the strictest confidence and is essential to enable the Trustees to properly consider the application and to enable them to award a suitable grant.

When the form has been completed it should be sent to the Clerk to the Trustees who will refer the application to two or more Trustees for consideration.

The Trustees can only make a grant to an individual and are unable to make a donation to a Testimonial/Memorial or similar Fund.


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