Joel Richards Development Fund

In 2015 the Referees’ Association lost one of its most promising referees, Joel Richards aged 19 was holidaying in Tunisia with 3 other family members. Sadly, a total of 38 lives were cut short by a terrorist attack including Joel his Grandfather Pat, and his uncle Adrian. 
Joel’s brother Owen Richards survived that fatal day and along with his mother Suzanne they have set up a charity in memory of Joel, Pat, and Adrian. As a result of their remarkable work, they have offered a development fund for our RA members to assist them in their journey to promotion as a referee. A bursary is available for those finding it hard in these troubled times with rising costs.
This fund is open to all paid members of the Referees’ Association, to qualify a referee must be a paying member of 2 years before they can apply.
Joel was a promising young L4 referee with plenty of passion and a desire to succeed. 
Quote talking about Joel – This was taken from the previous Birmingham FA Fund press release -  “Joel was an amazing role model, to me and many other, inspiring young people throughout all areas of football, refereeing, coaching and volunteering. Joel dedicated his time to supporting as many people as possible. We hope his legacy will continue through the many awards in his name, and now the Joel Richards Scholarship. We hope to continue the support he personally provided through the fund, which will benefit many – especially those who need some support to kick-start or help them on their own football journey.”
This fund is for any referee who needs financial help to assist them in their development. Some examples of financial support that can be provided are kit, free RA membership, reduced rates at development weekends, and perhaps subsidising opportunities to referee internationally or supporting them in their fitness with fitness programs/gym memberships.
Financial support is to be split between levels, up to £150 for levels 7-5. Then £500 for levels 4 and above.
Any referee who wants to take advantage of this offer must apply to the Referees’ Association, you can download an application form from both the RA and Smile for Joel websites. 
The Joel Richards Development Fund is now available to anyone who has the drive to go forward, between the ages of 16 and 26, who need financial support to help them get involved with football.
All applications must be made to

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