On Monday evening, Norwich RA held our first meeting of 2021 via Zoom and we were delighted to be joined by FIFA & Premier League Referee Anthony Taylor. 

This season at Norwich RA we have been very lucky to have had guest speakers including National Referee Manager Farai Hallam, who delivered a presentation on Handball and also Select Group Two Referee, Josh Smith, deliver a session on Frustration vs Dissent. We have also had presentations from Jan Ter Harmsel, Bobby Madley and our very own Level 3 Referee, Callum Parke.
Following previous guest speakers Anthony, delivered a development session which covered the topic of 'Playing Advantage.'
This session looked into what our thought process should be as a referee when looking to play advantage and what we should consider. 
Anthony then displayed some still images and questioned the participants on what they would do in the different situations, which the participants engaged with and it was an excellent learning opportunity.

The evening had over 30 participants, which included regular members as well as international guests from Spain and Italy. We also had Norwich RA members Darren Cann and Lee Betts take time out of their busy schedules to join the evening too. 

After the development session, the attendees had the opportunity to ask Anthony any questions in a Q&A which lasted over 45 minutes. 
It was a very enjoyable evening with great development for all the participants as well as a great insight into refereeing at the very top level, so a very big thank you must go to Anthony, for giving up his valuable time.
Below is some feedback we have received from the attendees about the evening:
"Such a fantastic session with Anthony. He gave us the benefit of his elite knowledge on advantage and one of the most interesting Q&A’s I have ever witnessed." Dario Matthewson - Level 4 Referee from Norwich RA

"What a great night last night was, thanks to Harvey and Tim for arranging it. It was good to see we were joined by refereeing guests from around the UK and Europe. Anthony Taylor gave us a very thought provoking session on advantage, and it was also entertaining to hear him honestly answer all the questions that were asked of him. It's always good when our top officials are prepared to give back to the Referees' Association." Glen Sandell- President of the Norwich RA

"I enjoyed how Anthony went into detail and explained when and how an advantage should and shouldn't be used. This learning is something I will be looking to put into practice in my refereeing. Elora Hardstaff - Level 7 Referee from Boston RA

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