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What is a County RA & Local RA?

County Associations

County Associations are the middle ground between Local Associations and the National Referees' Association. They work collectively with all the Local Associations in the county to support each group and their referees. They also pass on best practice and guidance from The Referees' Association to Local Associations as well as feedback any issues proposed by Local Associations back up to The Referees' Association.

Local Associations

Local Associations are small, localised branches of The Referees' Associations. These are often groups that support referees in a town or village (or city depending on the geographic area) and offer local training and support for those who are members. They also often hold events on top of their normal training evenings.
Local Associations are a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues in the local area.

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The National RA recommends that prospective members should join through their local LRA, the easiest way being to attend one of the many local association meetings that take place across the country on a regular (usually monthly) basis. Find your nearest branch now.

Alternatively, online membership is now available for any referee who wishes to take up central membership. The National RA will then allocate you a local branch. Join now.